Saturday, 19 March 2011


On 22nd of February at 12.51 PM i experienced an earthquake. It's magnitude was "just" 6.3, but the epicentre of this aftershock was just 5 km deep and right under Christchurch. It was the worst and the most destructive earthquake in New Zealand in last 80 years.
When the earthquake hit, i was just playing pool in the city center on Hereford street.
I would like to show you some photos which I've taken straight after this quake.. photos of the city, and then also of the house i am living in..

First picture of Hereford street which i have taken... Dust was everywhere..

This is the first destroyed thing i was looking at.. "Omg, something is not right"

Everyone run out of all buildings.. It was not safe, not at all..

The earthquake was realy massive.. this is the building next to the one i was in.. was it the luck?

Banks.. big security problem

Destroyed cathedral.. no comment

Luckily nobody was in

Cracks in the road..

One of the houses on our hill ..

That's what happened to my room.. and it was probably the smallest damage in the house

It really was earthquake, I am not so messy..

Probably the worst thing in the house, main entrance.. but this is already reapaired, it's safe 

Camping in front of our house.. we don't know if it's safe to be inside

I am looking at it as a really big experience.. and as you could see, there is plenty of work and repaires which has to be done..

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