Sunday, 26 June 2011


I have just 5 more weeks to go. The time is flying by so fast.

I've experienced a lot of things so far, some i would like to do again, some i really really wouldn't. But basically it is an experience of things and situations, what is making us feeling like we've done something in our lifes.
I am really proud of being a part of the community here, it's incredible what they have to live with.

If you said earthquake, i would probably imagine massive earth shaking, a lot of damage.. but that's not the biggest problem. Everything can be repaired a rebuild again. But the fact that such an earthquake is followed by thousands of others, that is what make life for people from ChCh so hard. You never know when the other may hit, there is actually no certainty of .. anything.

But to be honest, those people are doing just great. Some people have left ChCh, but i am living in the centre of community, which has decided: Let's repair it, let's rebuild it, let's start again! They want to make the city working again and they try really hard to do so with a smile on their faces. Such a spirit!

Aftershocks will hopefully calm down and stop completely. The city will be rebuild. It's gonna be more efficient, more eco-friendly, more modern...

And i am really planning to come back in few years to see how it changed.

..Smile :)

Panoramatic view of Christchurch from Mt Pleasant hill

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